Dave Eggers

The Museum of Rain

Fiction - Short Stories

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In this elegiac story about age, family, memory, and the origins of ideas, Dave Eggers, the bestselling author of several remarkable novels about contemporary America, introduces readers to Oisín Mahoney, a U.S. Army vet in his seventies who is asked to lead a group of young grand-nieces and grand-nephews on a walk through the hills of California’s Central Coast as wildfires burn far to the north. They don’t know him and don’t want to follow him, and Oisín would love to be anywhere else. But still they walk together, through golden grasses and amid live oaks and manzanitas, coyotes and rabbits, on their way to a discovery beyond any of their expectations. A quietly brilliant story of beauty and possibility, The Museum of Rain is about suddenly finding the world—or at least a small piece of it—as good as you’d hoped.