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Jodi Lynn Anderson

Thirteen Witches (The Memory Thief, Volume 1)

Thirteen Witches (The Memory Thief, Volume 1)

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From acclaimed and New York Times bestselling author Jodi Lynn Anderson comes the fantastical and heartfelt first installment in a new trilogy about the thirteen witches who are responsible for all the evil in the world—and the girl who sets out to defeat them. Full of magic and bittersweet truths, this tale is perfect for fans of The Girl Who Drank the Moon.

All of Rosie’s life, she and her mom have lived in a windy cliff-top house on the coast of Maine. And all of her life, Rosie has been watching her mother forget—her memory dwindling until she doesn’t even remember Rosie or that she ever loved her at all.

One night, Rosie sees moths gathering by moonlight to perch on her mother’s heart while she sleeps. Rosie was never supposed to see magic like this, but once she has, she can never un-see it. Suddenly, a new part of the world has opened to her—the ghosts that haunt her house, the trees that whisper and gossip in her yard, balloons that escape on purpose, and more.

But magic is not always wondrous, and the moths that visit Rosie’s mother are part of a curse. Rosie discovers her mother was once a renowned witch hunter, responsible for foiling the thirteen witches responsible for all the evil in the world. To preserve her family legacy and fight for her mother’s memories, Rosie must face two of the most sinister witches of all: Time and Forgetting.

With the help of her best friend, Germ, and the mysterious ghost boy Finch, Rosie sets off on a journey that entangles her in a battle between the light of the moon and the darkness of witches that has raged since the world began. Will she be able to save her mother before it’s too late?
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