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Kathleen King; Ramona Kaulitzki

The Cookie Queen

The Cookie Queen

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Perfect for dessert lovers and budding bakers, this is the true story of a girl who followed her dream to make the perfect chocolate-chip cookie--and, one day, founded world-renowned TATE'S BAKE SHOP(R). Original cookie recipe included!


Eleven-year-old Kathleen King was positively obsessed with baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie. She experimented over and over and over with different recipes--less flour, more butter, longer baking time--until she got it just right.


Customers flocked to her family's farm stand on Long Island for Kathleen's enormous, buttery chocolate chip cookies. And when she grew up, Kathleen started a cookie company called TATE'S BAKE SHOP(R). TATE'S grew into a multi-million-dollar empire and, today, they are a household name and their cookies are sold all over the country!


Cookie Queen is the delicious true story of how a little girl's dream turned into an enormous cookie empire.
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