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Caroline C Barney

Pull Yourself Together: How to Connect to a Life You Love

Pull Yourself Together: How to Connect to a Life You Love

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In a time where we are becoming increasingly disconnected, lonely, and stuck, Pull Yourself Together is an invitation to build lives we love by becoming more deeply connected.

So much of the time, we feel frozen, numb, and unable to move forward. We've lost track of who we are, what we have to give, and the world of possibilities waiting for us. We have let life happen to us, instead of connecting to all that life has for us. How can we stop standing still and bravely reach for more? How can we step into lives that make us feel whole?

Beloved author and speaker Caroline Barney understands this struggle and shares the steps she took to go from being stuck to being empowered, confident, and living a life full of purpose and joy. With sincere vulnerability, honesty, and humor, Caroline takes us on a journey to become connected to:

--Who we truly are - not the labels or roles we play in life and work
--Who we surrounded ourselves with - spending more energy on the people that fill us up and build us up
--What we are designed to do - instead of wasting time and energy living without direction
--A purpose-fueled life that we can step into right now

Caroline's open-hearted and relatable stories reflect what it looks like to be a work in progress, as well as an inspiration for what happens when we believe in the power of being connected. Connected lives are ones to be loved and Caroline shows us exactly how to get there.
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