Todd J. Cohen, M.D.

Pollock No. 5

Fiction - Mystery

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In 2006, a Jackson Pollock painting purportedly sold for one hundred and forty million dollars. The private sale was never confirmed and the precise whereabouts of the Pollock remains shrouded in mystery.

Medical inventor, doctor, art connoisseur, and avid jazz enthusiast Dr. Matthew Dawson (MD), with his brilliant Israeli engineering friend and master of Krav Maga sidekick Dr. Alexiev Shaw have just formed MATAL, based on their latest magnetic stent device, and are about to raise some capital.

The day before Super Storm Sandy.MD is precipitously fired from his position at Mt. Sinai, and returns early to his Long Island home only to catch his wife in the act! With nowhere else to turn, he seeks refuge at Shaw's nearby place. That night Super Storm Sandy hits and hits hard.

The next morning, MD gets a call from his wealthy Hampton neighbor, Charley Weisberg, a senior partner at Goldman Sachs, who is stuck in Asia and concerned that his Hampton estate is under water. MD agrees to check on the Weisberg estate (next to his vacation shack) in the little hamlet of Quiogue. To MD's surprise, he sees a famous, priceless, Jackson Pollock painting (Pollock No. 5), over the fireplace. He recalls a NY Times article in which this exact painting was sold for $140 million dollars, though both the buyer and seller denied the transaction. While drying out the rugs at the estate, MD hears a scream, and finds his elderly neighbor, Mr. Seymour Vicks, in cardiac arrest.

MD returns the following day to the Weisberg estate and is astonished to find "the painting" missing, and Weisberg's wife and heiress, Angela, dead on the floor. He calls the Westhampton Police Department and becomes the main suspect in the painting's heist and the murder!

Fortunately, MD discovered some clues at the crime scene including a Medic Alert bracelet and a unique shoe imprint. Shaw gets some help from a Suffolk County attorney friend, and MD's first teenage love, Amy Winter. Shaw, Amy, and another world-renowned attorney team up to find the killer.

Knocked unconscious, kidnapped, and placed in a shipping container MD and Amy are sent via truck cross country along with the stolen art. MD manages to alert Shaw of their destination. Short of that destination, MD and Amy uncover a Chico, California warehouse filled with state-of-the art computerized 3-D printing equipment used to create exact replicas of high-priced fine art. Shaw rescues the two from the warehouse and uses MD's phone, which he left in the shipping truck to track the art all the way to Fort Mason in San Francisco.

From the Hamptons to San Francisco and back MD, Shaw and Amy track art thieves and murderers, trying all the while to stay alive and one step ahead of the bad guys.