Melissa Broder

Milk Fed


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Release Date: 2/2/21


  • A printed copy of TWIZZLER ON THE ROOF—the exclusive MILK FED recipe book written by the author, Melissa Broder
  • A MILK FED book plate signed by Melissa Broder
  • A snack pack of Twizzlers (for that snack ‘n read experience)
  • A mini box of cereal (a caloric mitzvah!)
  • Packets of Splenda (for all your Milk Fed recipe needs)

Author of THE PISCES and the essay collection SO SAD TODAY Melissa Broder's MILK FED, about a spiritually ambivalent young Jewish woman with an eating disorder who, while taking an emotional detox from her mother, has an affair with the zaftig Orthodox woman working at her local Los Angeles frozen yogurt shop, to Tamar McCollom at Scribner.

PLEASE NOTE: The Milk Fed Gourmand Starter Pack is only available to US residents ages 18 years and older. You will receive your book and starter pack from that bookseller at the time of publication.