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Ingrid Simunic

Elliot and the Raccoons' Wild Party

Elliot and the Raccoons' Wild Party

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Do your kids love animals? 

Elliot takes on an adventure following a group of raccoons all around Sag Harbor the night before the town’s annual HarborFest celebrations. He watches the plump little comedians feast on a buffet of discarded food as they run from place to place, leaving messes in their wake. If only the owners of those trash bins learned what Elliot had learned from a wildlife expert at school. Elliot is just a secret observer until he has the chance to help and forms a bond with the adorable group of raccoons!  

Funny and empowering, the Elliot’s Adventures children’s books are an ode to loving the world we live in by respecting nature and wildlife. The stories are designed to stimulate children's imaginations and encourage unstructured outdoor play at a time when kids are spending more hours than ever behind a screen each day. A mother and son collaboration, this series is a celebration of parents and children everywhere.

A perfect book for parents and kids who:
- Enjoy fun adventures
- Love to learn about animals
- Care about the environment
- Want to protect wildlife
- Believe kids can make a difference.
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