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Ingrid Simunic

Elliot and the Hungry Seagulls

Elliot and the Hungry Seagulls

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Elliot receives an invitation to a fishing tournament, which sets him and his friends on an adventure to take home the prize. Other kids aren't their only competition, though, as seagulls try to take their bait like the infamous pirate Captain Kidd, who buried stolen treasure nearby. Are the seagulls really salty thieves, or can they actually help Elliot and his friends win the tournament?

In this exciting seagull story, kids will enjoy plenty of laughs while learning fun seagull facts.

Funny and empowering, the Elliot's Adventures children's books are an ode to loving the world we live in by respecting nature and wildlife. The stories are designed to stimulate children's imaginations and encourage outdoor play at a time when kids are spending more hours than ever behind a screen each day. A mother and son collaboration, this series celebrates parents and children everywhere.

A perfect book for parents and kids who:

- Enjoy fun adventures

- Love to learn about animals

- Care about the environment

- Want to protect wildlife

- Believe kids can make a difference.

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