Scott M. O'Neil

Be Where Your Feet Are

Nonfiction - Self Help

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From Scott O'Neil, one of America's most admired sports executives, how to find regular, meaningful moments in an irregular life.

When we're moving at 115 MPH, we rarely see the wall coming. But it comes for all of us. The sudden loss of a much beloved friend, the excruciatingly long departure of a parent with Alzheimer's. We grasp for lessons, for meaning, for learnings. Even when an extrovert is faced with the four walls of their own home for months upon months--they're determined to find peace and appreciation in the pause. They try to reenergize without the energy from the bright lights of the court, the hush of the ice, the roar of the crowd; the adrenaline-laced metronome of 20,000 hearts beating together.

The human spirit craves connection. Authenticity. Belonging. Touch. Gratitude. Purpose. We need to make our interactions count. If we are truly present, the world shares its hardest, most beautiful lessons with us.

In Be Where Your Feet Are, CEO of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils Scott O'Neil offers his own story of grief and healing, and shares his most valuable lessons in what keeps him grounded and able to thrive as a father, husband, coach, mentor, and leader. O'Neil also interviews some of sports and entertainment's most renowned athletes and performers and the world's most dynamic business leaders, conversations in which they reveal their most impactful moments of learning. Each story provides us with an opportunity to learn, and--if we choose--to change our lives, and the world, for the better.