About Us

Welcome to Red Jacket Books
My name is Ben Vengroff and I am the founder of Red Jacket Books. I started Red Jacket Books in July 2020 out of a complete love for reading, writing, and everything in between. The focus of this site is not to overwhelm you, and help you find a book anyone will truly love, whether it be for a busy nurse, a retail employee that plays in a band on the side, a mother of six working from home, a truck driver, a student teacher, and everyone in between. Between our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and this website you're on right now, we hope to make sure you're never without something to read. I even have my own personal Instagram account where I review and recommend books (almost) weekly.

Why Red Jacket?
Many years ago I was in California visiting a friend and saw a red jacket in the store. I fell in love with it and wore it every single day since then, and became known for it. Some people like it and some hate it, but it made an impression with almost everyone. Then in 2019, a storm caused a tree to hit my house and ruin almost all my belongings. All my coats and jackets were absolutely ruined, with the exception of my lucky Red Jacket.

Red Jacket Books Retail Location
This Spring we opened a retail location in Westhampton Beach, New York! We're right on Main Street in the village, across from the theater, next to the t-shirt shop! Click here for more about our retail location.