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Nina Ross

Montauk Has a Very Lonely Shark

Montauk Has a Very Lonely Shark

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Montauk Mike is all alone!

Montauk Mike, everyone’s favorite friendly fish and the star of Montauk Has a Very Hungry Shark, returns in a second adventure. Join him in his quest to find a friend of his very own.

Toddlers and young readers can join Mike as he sets out to find his one and only friend: the Girl in the Pink Dress. As he travels the waterways and villages of Long Island’s beautiful East End, Mike meets a variety of animals, some helpful and some not. Poor Mike! All he wants to do is find his friend.

Featuring stunning, original water-color artwork by Ross, Montauk Has a Very Lonely Shark is a gentle tale about searching for what you want and learning that sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of your eyes.

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