Welcome to Red Jacket Books

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Welcome to Red Jacket Books

This has been a year of many firsts.The world is learning to cope with a lot of extreme changes that many of us have never seen or had to experience before. Though a lot of these things can be seen as negative, we must all learn to cope and adapt. One big change for me this year was the decision to quit my office job and start Red Jacket Books.

It has always been a dream of mine to run a book shop, and what better time to start than the present. I have many, many plans for the future, but everyone must start somewhere. I am absolutely in love with books, reading, literature, writing, and everything around it, and I look forward to sharing that passion with everyone that visits Red Jacket Books, even though it may just be a website right now.

New books are being added to the site every single day, and I will soon be adding more literary-themed items too, such as notebooks, bookmarks, cookbooks, apparel, and so much more. If there's something you can't find here, contact me and I will do my best to get it on the site as soon as possible.

Let us share books with the world! Check out our Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram on our Social Media page and give us a follow! Thank you for being here right at the start with me. I look forward to a great adventure. Oh, and here's a gift for being one of the first people to visit: use the code FIRSTMONTH at checkout for 10% off your order* during all of September!

Thanks again!

Ben Vengroff
Founder and Owner of Red Jacket Books


*Field Notes Brand items not included in sale.

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