New: Rate & Review Your Books

New: Rate & Review Your Books

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Just finished another outstanding mystery by ANN CLEEVES, “The Darkest Evening”. . If your readers love LOUISE PENNY, they would love reading Ann’s books as well. Her Vera Stanhope Series and Shetland Series are very addictive. Set in the Northumberland, England countryside. Both of these have been a hit series on TV PBS and BBC. They will love Vera, a no nonsense detective, with an abrupt manner, “long in the tooth”, and not particular of how she looks, but with a heart of gold. Along with her “team”, Joe, Holly and Charlie, these series will keep them very entertained.
Also, another author along the same lines, is MARTHA GRIMES. Her series center around London’s pubs.In fact, each book is titled after one of these pubs, where they will find Superintendent Richard Jury and his cast of characters trying their best to help Jury solve the cases for him. As in both Louise Penny and Ann Cleeves, they will not only get engrossed in an interesting mystery, but will come away with having a connection with her characters and after reading more of her books they might soon realize they have found some new friends as well.

Barbara A Wimberly

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